Hello Middle East



The idea of this program provides a general information about the Middle East through a series of seminars focusing on how to establish the modern Iraqi state and about the forces around it, the reality of the Arab region since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War, and division of the region between Great Britain and France, the British occupation of Iraq and attempt to establish the first parliamentary government under the monarchy, with some information and documents about this region, the political reality and the Influential characters in it.

Prepared and presented by Omar Sabah

Every monday at 18.30 pm.

Episode 1 - The Concept of Middle East

Episode 2 - The beginning of the Arab revolution against Ottoman Empire (the general situation of the Arab region during the First World War).

Episode 3 - The British occupation of Iraq in 1914.

Episode 4 - The Mandate system and stages of formation of the Hashemite kingdom in Iraq.

Episode 5 - Clash of Loyalties

An explanation of the events of the twentieth revolution in Iraq in the month of May 1920 against the British occupation, and how was the policy followed by Britain over this country, and how the policy was drawn up in the region after the events in Iraq.

Episode 6 - After sitting on the throne

British policy towards Iraq after the declaration of Faisal bin al-Hussein king of this country.

Episode 7 - The security and economic arrangements that took place in the Middle East at the beginning of the 1920s.

Episode 8 - Building Parliament in Iraq

Explanation about The first stages of establishing the first parliament in Iraq in the twenties of the last century.

Episode 9 - The problem of the Mosul area

Explain about the competition between Iraq and Turkey to annex the area of Mosul in the early twenties of the last century.

Episode 10 - The Constituent Assembly and 1924 Treaty in Iraq

Episode 11 - The British Crown and the Indian-Arabian Gulf Road

Episode 12 - British Crown and strategic roads across Iraq

Episode 13 - German-Ottoman relations and the Baghdad-Berlin railway project

The history of The German-Ottoman relations and the agreement between Britain and Germany on the issues of interests related to the Arab region during the previous centuries.

Episode 14 - The ambitions of Tsarist Russia in the Arabian Gulf

Episode 15 - The French invasion of the Arabian Gulf

The Media in Iraq Before 2003 - Presentation by Omar Sabah for a session The Media literacy workshop organized by StepEurope.